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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Originally Posted by RainOfSteel View Post
As far as the general public opinion of the Imperium goes in cultures where even remotely positive media is available regarding the Imperium, it is the Military Orders of Knighthood that attract the greatest attention. Literally hundreds of billions of small boys and girls dream of growing up to become a pure hearted soldier who does great deeds and is elevated to the peerage as a Knight of some fabulous Order.

Cynically, this is one of the Imperium's secret weapons, the carrot it holds out to the Citizenry, even if it is a carrot at the end of a string held far above their heads. Even if every sergeant in every unit is telling every soldier under their command that dreams of medals and Knighthoods will only get them horribly wounded or dead, still, they dream, still, they strive. Of course, there are the disillusioned, too. Those who avoid dreams of war, idealistic naive dreams, or whatever kind, or whose hopes have been forever dashed.
I like it!
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