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Default Re: How Hard is your Science Fiction?

My own tastes in science fiction is about the middle, rather than one of the extremes. So long as the science isn't wrong (it doesn't have to be 100% right, however) and internally consistent, I'm fine.

Right now, my current game prospectus includes a number of science fiction games. The one is set on a pressure dome mining colony on Titan; another is set on a centrifugal-force simulated gravity station in a sublight interstellar war, with "patrol boats" which are essentially oversized five-person flying tanks being the smallest possible craft (no fighters as yet). These lean closer to the "hard" end of the spectrum, to be sure, but I've also had fun with "soft" science in my Rebellion-era Star Wars game last year. (If you ignore the Jedi, you get closer to real science fiction.)
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