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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
Regarding your “guesstimate”, per GURPS power ups 4 ridiculous luck gives you 6 lucky breaks an in-game day. Even if you multiply take alternative yield of ridiculous luck, under the “special case” clause, you acquire 2*6 = 12 luck breaks. With the 1:1 ratio, you roughly had 144 lucky breaks a day (6 calls per hour * 24 hours).

Alice's updated "luck" looks better now.

A lucky break every 30 in-game minutes is about 48 chances to call dice in a day. It is still high compared to the examples, but it is clearer and more transparent.

Regarding her skills:

Since Alice is a child or a teenager, I would change diplomacy for fast-talk.

Knife is fine, for her. I think the shortsword skill is out of character, it is out of her "original dimension" context; if you want her to use a sword, she could do knife -4 instead. Or if you REALLY want her to use a sword (Vorpal Blade), give her smallsword (you could say she took fencing lessons); the fencing bonus will be good for her.

Taking a bit from GURPS Action II, the traps skill lets you detect traps (doing Per-based Traps roll). That might keep it simpler for you and the players.
My math on Ridiculous Luck specifically refers to the max multiplier suggested in that supplement, that of 7. Ridiculous Luck typically functions six times per real time hour; thus, the amount of uses per game day yields us 42 uses. If we divide that by the number of hours in a game day, we come to the result of 1.75 uses of Ridiculous Luck per in-game hour, or one use per in-game 30 minutes. This is within the RAW, or we could debate whether or not we should round up here but I suspect there's no such thing as 75% of a Ridiculous Luck use.

Shortsword is convenient because the Vorpal Blade as written in the module is a shortsword.
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