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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

You can adjust the ratios, but the ratios should be clear and non-discretional.

When the ability is discretional, it’s best if you just say “she does things because I say so” and forget about her CP value.

Right now, the ability does not give any certainty; you can recharge her luck as you wish because there are no rules regarding the flow of time in the setting. You can accelerate or decelerate time when you see it fit (as you pointed you might do), players cannot.

You can't guarantee players a specific number of lucky breaks game-time wise. Thus, Alice is in an advantageous position to frustrate the advancement of your players; it is comparable to a failsafe.

Assuming you want to benchmark Alice, the other questionable thing about her is you want to say “Alice is a 250 CP NPC” while it isn’t the case. As a GM you are giving her a cosmic boost which you are not counting towards her character value. In this case, just keep a list of her abilities and characteristics, as established in the newer NPC templates and do not compare her CP value with a player's character value.
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