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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
Originally Posted by GURPS Powers, pg. 108
The GM may adjust these ratios.
My alteration of said ratio is wholly within my power to do so, as per the rules of the modifier. You can certainly advise me on this matter and I will most definitely take it into account for my game.

Realistically there is no fair value for such a modifier. Regardless of the time scale implemented by the GM, GM fiat for the passage of time and the abstraction of time and its usage are what is ultimately the balancing factors of this modifier. 10 minutes of in-game time could very well take 25 minutes or more of real life time. If my game session is 5 hours of continuous play, that's about 30 potential uses for unmodified Ridiculous Luck. Ridiculous Luck with the Game Time modifier should ideally be within that same range more or less in my opinion... it is a matter of semantics.

Within the context of dungeon crawling, this kind of gameplay is very much about the minute-by-minute play, where that 10 minutes game time to 25 minutes or more of real life time ratio could be a realistic expectation. Experience may differ from game to game and how the GM handles time usage.

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