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Originally Posted by Astromancer View Post
You rewrite my notion in interesting ways. I propose the sharkmen follow later ships and try to keep the fisheries they find.

Meanwhile, my choice for otherworldly horrors would be the fay. As nasty as Cthulhu but more congruent with the setting.
The Banestorm book drops some pretty big hints that the Old Gods of Olokun are a lot more tentacly than that, and that the Shark Men would really like to have them back in their lives. What better place to build a monument / landing pad for them than high mana zones on isolated islands? Dark faeries can also, of course, be invited to the party, perhaps trying to make themselves strange bedfellows to the human explorers with the common cause of keeping out the Great(er) Old(er) Ones (but can they be trusted? Do you need to ask?), or trying to co-opt the Sharks by impersonating them...
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