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Default Re: Spell categories by Magery

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
not a prereq for concussion, and I think mods mentioned Magery 0 could still pump 1 energy into it somehow.

If we give +1 cap to mag 0 then +1 should be for all (ie 2 energy at mag 1, 3 at mag2, etC)
It'll be allowd because the rules for missiles spells say "On a success, you may invest one or more points of energy in the spell, to a maximum of a number of energy points equal to your Magery level" and "If you opt to enlarge your missile, you must concentrate for another second. At the end of your turn, you may invest more energy in the spell – anything from one point to points equal to
your Magery level."

At the very least this allows 1 point on the second turn, and a second point on the third turn. What it does not do is allow 1+Magery points per turn - at best is allows max(1, Magery) points per turn (to use a spreadsheet formula).

This is like saying that missiles spells have a cap of 1-point per turn, with Magery granting an increased cap, as normal.
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