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Default Re: [RPM] Some questions about Path of Magic ?

Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
This is why once you create it you must roll Innate Attack. Once your conjure the energy is just energy. Once it leaves your hand that's it. While it's in your hand you get the residual effect where it's not hurting you. This is why external damage spells subject is always the caster - your putting the energy into your hand.
I normally consider your opinion on RPM matters to be cannon, but with all due respect, that seems like needlessly contortionist logic. Should an anti-vampire ward stop protecting against a vampire if they turn into a bat? No of course not. Turning into a bat is an expression of vampire powers, just as throwing a fireball is an expression of magic.

But let's set aside for a second the metaphysics consideration of what is or isn't a spell. That's got to be up to the GM, and based in the world-building IMHO.

My players oft note gurps can be unintuitive, and the ones who don't play witches occasionally remark that RPM borders on OP. I'm getting a sunburn just imagining the blazing squint-eye my non-rpm players would turn on me if I let the party witch ignore an anti-magic ward with a spell called "magic missile."
"Guys, I think maybe this whole time we've been the villains."
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