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Default Re: [RPM] Some questions about Path of Magic ?

Originally Posted by 4rc4num View Post
1. About Wards, can a Path of Magic ward block "missile spell" like "fireball" ?

2. How works the activation of a enchanted item like a fireball staff ? It use the rules of "innate attack" advantage when it cause damage?

3. Can Path of Magic create "magic missile" ? If yes, is possible to add the damage modifier "explosion" to a Path of Magic missile ? Plus, the missile is invisible like ambient mana ?

4. Talking about that, is possible to use a Control Magic to reflect/change the direction of a missile spell ? If yes, the spell need to add the Meta Spell Modifier or no (the text says "dispelling" and "altering the magic", but in this case what the Control Magic do is "changing the direction" of the missile or a good analogy, in GURPS terms, the "innate attack skill roll") ?

4. Again about the missile spell, is possible to make a "homing" missile with Path of Magic ?

5. A mage can manipulate the mana reserve of other mages, but what happens if the mage try to put more mana than the limit of mana reserve ? It causes damage ? The mage becomes a "Christmas Tree" ? Nothing happens ?
Mostly No.
Path of Magic can manipulate magic not other energy so it wont block a typical missile spell.
Adding more energy to an Er I would treat as Energy Absorbtion (DR) and have it drain off at 1 point of energy per second if not used up until the ER is within its limits.
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