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Default Re: "Upstart" game designer claims Woodshed Agency PR firm stole Kickstarter money

Originally Posted by Mack_JB View Post
I almost have to ask, what purpose did this hiring of a PR agency do? In today's social media soup, you can do this yourself almost as easily, and not worry about shady a-holes stealing your funds.
1) Marketing is a skill. You (a person who is trying to make and sell games, not necessarily you personally) can do PR on social media, in that you can talk about your game online, but you may not have the skills to write good ad copy or compose attractive advertisements, and you may not have the up-to-date contacts and whatever connections are relevant to buy ad space where it'll do the most good.

2) Marketing is a job. Even if you're every bit as good at doing marketing as a PR company, which you're almost certainly not, it's not what you presumably want to be doing, which is making games. Outsourcing your publicity means you can use your time to do what you want to concentrate on.
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