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Default Re: "Upstart" game designer claims Woodshed Agency PR firm stole Kickstarter money

Originally Posted by Mack_JB View Post
I almost have to ask, what purpose did this hiring of a PR agency do? In today's social media soup, you can do this yourself almost as easily, and not worry about shady a-holes stealing your funds.
Not really. Kickstarter has become saturated with independent board games, making it harder for any one designer/publisher to stand out. So I don't see anything odd about a first-time designer enlisting a PR firm to help him generate some buzz and manage social media well, especially when (A) the firm claims to specialize in this and (B) they apparently offered to work for a very reasonable percentage.

Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
It seemed like they were happy with the service provided up until Woodshed decided to abscond with the funds, so it isn't as if this company exists solely to prey on the unwary.
Agreed. I don't think anything here points to premeditated theft, but instead perhaps to mishandled financials and lost money. Of course, from the client's perspective, the reasons the money is (apparently) gone matter less than the fact that it is.
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