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Default Re: Weapon master (Bow) cost reduction, and suggestions on Weapon Master (Ranger/Arch

I kinda love these ideas! Thanks guys, and keep 'em coming if you have them.

Originally Posted by Christopher R. Rice View Post
For Weapon Master you get a +1/die damage boost at skill level of DX+1 or +2/die at DX+2 or greater. This simply turns the per die bonus you'd get into a flat bonus. So if you knew Bow at DX+2 and had Weapon Master (Bow) then you'd get +4 to damage instead of +2/die.
I'm still not quite understanding. Can you give me some comparison examples, say someone with Broadsword skill at 16 (DX+3) vs Bow at 18 (DX+5)? And how would it change with higher or lower skills? Sorry...I'm feeling stupid right now.

Most of the time our players have higher than skill+2, so does it continue to get higher with skill or does it cap at a certain point? What damage would my ST 13 Broadsword skill 22 be doing with Weapon Master Broadsword?
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