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Default Re: [Low-Tech] Padded Cloth and Layered Armour penalty

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
Maybe aside from weight we need some kind of 'bulk' stat for armor related to its volume (and maybe friction?) to understand how it would impede movement?
This is a good point. The "Holdout" value in part does effectively represent the "bulk" stat of the armour (more rigidity and more thickness does translate into more Holdout penalty since the armour is more difficult to conceal), but its minimum value is 0 and both Padded Cloth and Light Layered Cloth have Holdout 0. Maybe we can assign to Holdout stat of Padded Cloth and Light Leather the possibility to reach a positive value obtainable only via Expert Tailoring and Masterful Tailoring, thus lowering or negating the DX penalty for two layers being worn. DR 2* stuff (Light Layered Cloth, Light Layered Leather, Medium Leather) is definitely too bulky to be an undergarment, and should give a DX penalty if layered with something else, both as undergarment, overgarment or as something that goes between mail and other armour. Since the weight of GURPS low-tech armour and weapons tend to be heavier (up to +50% heavier in some cases, especially for hafted weapons) than their real counterparts, is not easy to translate real items into GURPS stats without affecting the game balance.
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