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Default Re: [Low-Tech] Padded Cloth and Layered Armour penalty

The problem with "padded garment" is that can be translated into GURPS different things:

Ordinary Clothing: DR 0*, 1.6 lb.
Arming Doublet: DR 0*, 2 lbs.
Coat: DR 0*, 2.5 lbs.
Light Leather/Winter Clothing: DR 0* (1* vs. cutting), 4 lbs.
Heavy Coat: DR 1*, 5 lbs.
Padded Cloth: DR 1*, 6 lbs.
Light Layered Cloth: DR 2*, 12 lbs.

Arming Doublet is worn with Plate Harness. Padded Cloth is worn as helmet padding or liner. According to Dan writings here:

Originally Posted by DanHoward View Post
The Loadouts book treated arming garments the same as Light Leather or Winter Clothing, which gave DR 1 vs. cutting attacks only. They won't suffer a DX penalty if specifically tailored to be worn under armour.
Something that gives DR 1* vs. cutting only is heavy as Light Leather or Winter Clothing.
If I remember well, the Tlingit Warrior Loadout includes Light Leather apron and pants worn under the armour and the combination doesn't give any DX penalty.

What if we add another thing, lighter than Padded Cloth, similar to Arming Doublet and made to interact with another layer of armour? Example:

Arming Garment: DR 0* (1* vs. cutting) when worn alone, DR 1* vs. all attacks when is worn with armour which is designed to be don with it, 4 lbs.

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