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Default Re: [Low-Tech] Padded Cloth and Layered Armour penalty

Originally Posted by DanHoward View Post
If it was light enough to be worn under armour then it didn't provide protection. The padded versions were standlone armour, just like the European ones.
In your Loadouts, both the kabadion and the aketon are GURPS Padded Cloth and are worn under mail or lamellar (and the description specifies that they're worn under, not over, the armour). The Kiribati Warrior Loadout shows Medium Layered Cloth worn over Light Layered Cloth, which has two times the thickness and the weight of Padded Cloth (and in this case, the -1 DX for layering sounds right).

IMO which we consider "standalone armour designed for low-tech warfare" should be at least DR 2 (Light Layered Cloth/Leather). DR 1 is something between clothing and proper armour, more likely to be made to be worn with other forms of armour (as the Helmet Padding for example, which is Padded Cloth), or the "cheap quality armour" that abounds among modern reenactors.
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