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Default Re: Cheat card regarding Hand requirement

Hi, nemezdia (forgive me for omitting all those periods). I’m answering your question because I want to be sure you’re aware of a couple of things.

First, this specific thread is about the Cheat card in Munchkin Quest, not Munchkin the card game. As such, a couple of the rulings here are different from how we would rule in the Munchkin game. (For instance, Cheat! in Munchkin does not automatically give the highest possible bonus.) However, your specific question applies to both games.

Second, MunchkinMan is one of our volunteer representatives and is authorized to give official rulings. That means that, in the absence of any late contradictory information, or disclaimers in his posts, his answers are presumed to be accurate. Asking him to explain is fine; demanding a precise page and citation oversteps just a bit. Sometimes the reason is “that’s the way we (usually meaning Steve) have always said it works.”

So, on to your question, which I think goes to a common misunderstanding of how the Cheat card works. It allows you to use an Item you otherwise could not use, regardless of the reason why. It lets you equip and use a second Armor or Headgear, for instance, or use an Elf-only Item when you are not an Elf. Relevant to your question, it allows you to equip and use a Hand Item when you are already using two Hands. What it does not do is say that you aren’t using your Hands for that Item; it is not “floating,” as you put it. You are using two Hands to wield three Hands’ worth of Items (or more!).

Is this clearer? If your question is about the Munchkin card game, as I suspect it is, we should continue this conversation in the main Munchkin forum, rather than in a five-year-old thread about Munchkin Quest.
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