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Yes, that's how it would work. The Cheat card removes the restrictions on the Item it's attached to, which means that it no longer takes up a slot (Armor, Headgear or Footgear) doesn't require Hands, no longer has any Class/Race/Sex restrictions (basically, it doesn't matter what you are, you can use it) and if it has multiple Bonuses depending on the user's Race/Class/Sex, then it gives the biggest possible bonus.

In other words, if there was an Item that was Armor, required a Hand, and was only usable by a Female Elven Cleric, a Male Dwarven Thief already wearing Armor and wielding two 1-Hand weapons could play Cheat! on this hypothetical Item and use it.

I've yet to get beaten by my kids at any Munchkin game. They've gotten close, but not yet. On the plus side, they don't mope or whine when they lose. :-)

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Could you comment on the use of the card cheat. Earlier you reported that clothes with cheat does not occupy hands (becomes weightless) - in fact, cheat changes clothes. But the description says that you can play this card - to make an action. There is no information about changing the state of the card. In addition, during looting, it is regarded as a separate card (it is not stuck to the gear) and the cheat is discarded when the gear is lost. Could you clarify exactly where you found the information that the thing with the cheat ceases to hold hands? (it still has a price, you can lose it).

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