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Default Re: Easy Magic Weapons?

Originally Posted by Kax View Post
Those lectures are very useful. Thanks. :D I presume no desire to continue them?

I put them together and edited and proofread it a bit, as I want to use them for my players' wizard; he's rather an academic and will appreciate the delivery style and the ideas.
You are more than welcome to make any changes you deem necessary. It was sent to the mailing list back in the day when all we had was GURPSNET mailing list, not the forums that we have here. ;)

As for continuing them? To be honest with you, the real question is who would really want more? The initial audience was the GURPSNET community back in the day when the forums weren't even a conceptual idea - let alone a reality as it is today. With the divergence of magic system from GURPS MAGIC - I would seriously doubt that anyone would want a rehash of an older system. As for creativity in players, half the fun is coming up with your own ideas and surprising the heck out of the GM with ideas that in retrospect, are obvious.

If you want? Contact me via private email, with a list of colleges you'd like to see me do lectures for, and perhaps I could write a lecture or two to expand on the old material. I might even send those "lectures" to the still existing GURPSNET (they probably won't show up in the Archive section, but maybe they might <shrug>).
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