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Default GURPS Cards

A quick search of "Spell Cards" in the forums returned no results, but I can't believe I'm the first person to want to purchase card decks for:

1) Spells. For each of my mages to have their own deck of spells, color-coded by college, would help a lot.

2) Combat. I've used the free "combat cards" and that's ok, but an expanded deck that contained martial arts maneuvers would be nice.

3) Bestiary/NPCs. Having *various* decks for different genres would be cool. Imagine a "Deck of Orcs" packaged with suggested back-story and Cardboard Hero figures numbered to match the cards. A Dungeon Deck could contain all kinds of Icky Things. Various decks could be custom-mixed by the GM to allow for effortless random encounters.

4) Conditions. Whereas #3 covers "man vs. man", #4 covers "man vs. nature". Storms, Fires, Floods, Plagues, Air leaks, mechanical malfunction... This deck too would be separated by genre.

I'm sure others can chime in with ideas.

It would be nice to see GURPS products on the store shelves again!

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