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Default Re: Easy Magic Weapons?

Originally Posted by Raekai View Post
Okay... For my upcoming campaign (and it will be here sooner than I thought), I would like to have easily accessible magic weapons. The Technology Level is TL3+2 and so I would say the Flintlock and Wheel-Lock Pistols are around. But what if I want a magic variant that shoots Fireballs? Or what if someone just wants a wand that can only cast six Fireballs before it's useless?

I know there's a way to do limiting enchantments like that, but I don't remember where all of the rules are, and I'm aware that they are some really interesting House Rules around here for that kind of stuff too. Anything helps... I just want to know the numbers. How much fatigue is it going to cost? How much time does it take? How much money is it going to be? Assisted enchanting? Etc.

If someone can point out all the places in the various books where this stuff pops up, I would be super grateful. If someone wants to point me to their House Rules on this kind of stuff, I would be even more grateful!

I would just like it to the point where someone who doesn't have higher levels of Magery can still have access to magic through the form of wands, staves, magic guns, or even swords.

The way to make magic items that have X uses per item, is to make it such that the item is enchanted with powerstones. Make it that the item can only use the energy from the powerstones themselves for the casting of spells, and you've got your wand of 6 fireballs or what have you. Note: When enchanted with powerstones in this fashion, powerstones grant a x3 ratio of power to energy. In other words, a 1 strength powerstone is equivalent to 3 fatigue for spell casting purposes. If you want further advice on "magic as technology" for your campaign world, feel free to email me.

One MAJOR piece of advice? Go through the spells from GURPS MAGIC for 4e, and start weeding out those spells you definitely do NOT want in your campaign. As a bit of helpful advice? Pick up a copy of GURPS CLASSICS MAGIC for an idea on how to limit certain spells from the start. Much of what is in GURPS CLASSICS MAGIC will bypass a fair amount of grief from the current GURPS MAGIC for 4e.

In any event, good luck. Also? If I might be so bold? Go to HERE to find an archive of the old ALACONIUS lectures regarding spells and their uses in game. Might (or might not for that matter!) be helpful...
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