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Default Re: How to resolve this situation?

Originally Posted by Sunrunners_Fire View Post
Then what would be a good price for the ability to do so? (Outside of buying that 10k ER, of course.) And how would I build that ability?
There's two easy things you can do there, first you can simply state that in your setting mages put energy into their spells during the casting process at a rate of (total cost)/(casting time), similar to how missile spells are done.

That's a perfectly reasonable and sensical setting requirement, not only would it answer your issue, but it also more closely resembles most fictional representations of casting where mages are accruing energy and building spells during the entire casting process.

Barring that, the next easiest thing to do is introducing a Hold Spell variant, which allows the mage to continue to put energy into a spell until it reaches the threshold energy to be cast.
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