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I have never had a gas stove that didn't give me satisfactory precision, at least equal to that of an electric stove. And the gas stove's clear superiority is in a gas flame's having almost no thermal inertia, whereas the coils of an electric stove stay hot for minutes rather than seconds. I'd also note that it's possible to lift a pot above a gas flame and still get reduced heat, but if you lift it off electric coils the heat flow is all but cut off.
Induction cooktops eliminate most of those issues. I have been selling both gas and electric cookers for fifteen years and have attended countless seminars and training sessions. I personally own a gas stove and gas oven but only because they are cheaper to run than electric ones and I often need an open flame for non-cooking projects. Every single one of our suppliers and manufacturers claim that electricity is the superior way to cook and have a long list of reasons why. They are the experts with decades of experience and data.
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