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Default Re: Confused about "Checking for Cheating"

Originally Posted by whitecloud197 View Post
Player one puts down a face down monster, and beside it the allotted gold for hiring the monster to attack.
Player one could put down any card, of course if it isn't a monster then it triggers cheating. Also the same with Gold, Player one can commit any amount. This is where the bluffing comes in.
Originally Posted by whitecloud197 View Post
From my understanding, Player 2 needs to ZAP a card he wants to declare as a defender, THEN we find out if Player 1 is Cheating ? If he is, he takes a point of damage and the monster goes to the Stash. If hes not cheating the attack proceeds?
If Player one was cheating, whatever card he played goes to the stash AND the Gold returns to the purse.
PLUS Player one takes the point of damage.
Originally Posted by whitecloud197 View Post
What about if the defender has no defenders? how does the check for cheating apply ? because the defender just says "Ok I have no defenders, lets see if you lied?"
YUP. Player one might still have cheated even if they knew the opponent could not defend. Some card effects look for "cheating" and Player one may wish to trigger that.

There is a comprehensive rules document at...
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