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Default Splitting up Pyramid #3 issues into separate articles

I've been thinking that I don't really use all the cool stuff in the many Pyramid #3 issues that much in my games, and I think that one of the main reasons is that all of those sit in their own folder on my computer, and are not part of the GURPS Books folders (where I've sorted things into their own subfolders by line, which I go through more often. Sure, I could just copy them all over to my GURPS Books folders, but most of the #3 issues do not neatly sort into just one GURPS line of books.

My solution? To split up the pdf's to individual articles. This can be rather straightforwardly done by a tool like pdftk that lets you to split up pdf into separate pages, and then recombine those as you like, but done by hand, this would mean something like checking the page numbers of all of the various #3 issues one by one, and then writing commands many times over, to boredom.

Thus, hoping to avoid some of the bother, has anyone already done some of the work and listed up all the names and page numbers of the #3 articles somewhere? I'm aware of the wonderful Pyramid Volume Three Index in this subforum, but that does not list the page numbers of the articles, and does omit the standard articles.
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