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Date: 2009-06-02 13:47:36 UTC
From: Orc <>
To: Baz <>
Subject: assignment


There's something I need you to look into. This may end up taking some time, but it could potentially be very important. Unfortunately, it's also probably going to be rather politically delicate.

The issue is Eli. Everybody up in Heaven has been getting increasingly tense over the last several decades about what Eli is up to. Well, the Archangel of Flowers and some others are going to be putting together a task force to look into this. As you know, the Boss has worked closely with Eli in the past, and still considers him an important asset. And, of course, we should be very interested in the status of Creation ourselves, given how much human creativity has gone into networking in the last century or two! But, you also know the Boss' views on Novalis, so he's not going to be getting involved in this. You're going to want to keep this quiet. I don't know what they're doing, but it's a delicate political situation anyway, and it may be something that could cause more strife among the various factions in Heaven.

Help them out, try to figure out what the big Creation guy is up to, and keep in touch.

They'll be meeting in two days in your neck of the woods, over at Golden Gate Park.

Keep the faith,

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