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Default Rhoda


It was a couple of hours past midnight. The Ofanite was moving through a walkway in Golden Gate Park, picking up trash that had been discarded by passing humans during the day. As always, she was rather amazed by how much of a mess people could make just by passing by.

Hearing a noise behind her, she turned, seeing a middle-aged man in a tie-dyed shirt, cutoff jeans shorts, birkenstocks, and a greying mass of curly hair. "Hello, Hallaren," she said, greeting the Seneschal of the Tether.

Smiling, Hallaren said, "Hello Rhoda. I always love to watch you work. If only more of Heaven recognized how important many of the little things are...."

He trailed off, musing. Rhoda merely shrugged.

"I suppose that's kind of ironic, given when I sought you out."

"Oh?" Rhoda asked.

"Novalis wants you to join a group of angels she wants to send to look into something big. She didn't tell me exactly what it is, and she says that it's going to require some circumspection. They're going to be meeting tomorrow, here, in the tether."

"OK," Rhoda asked, no hesitation in agreeing to word that comes directly from her Archangel.

Smiling, Hallaren said, "It may take you away from the tether, perhaps for some time. We'll miss having you around here if that is the case, but I certainly hope that our Mother sends you back here when everything is finished. If nothing else, Thessin might mope about missing the informal bicycle races you two seem to get into!"

Rhoda chuckled.

"Well, I'll leave you to your task. Peace, Rhoda."

"Peace, Hallaren."
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