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Default Somasti


Deep in South America, the young woman stopped, and regarded the beauty of the scene before her. A stark canyon, overgrown with vegitation at the bottom and the top, and even much of the way up the sides. To the left, the roar of a healthy waterfall. Directly across from her, an explosion of color as many tropical flowers were in full bloom. A small songbird sat on her shoulder, cheeping in appreciation of the sight.

"It is beautiful, is it not," a voice behind her said.

Somasti turned to see the visage of an older woman, wearing a bandanna around her head and carrying a walking stick. She simultaneously gave the impression of a hiker who had been travelling in the woods for several weeks, and of a gardener with soil on her knees and elbows who had just stood up from tending beloved plants. Although she had not seen this form before, Somasti instantly recognized that this was Novalis, the Archangel of Flowers.

"My Lady!" Somasti said.

Novalis smiled and briefly placed a hand gently on Somasti's cheek. "You are looking well, Somasti. I need to ask you to do something that will take you out of your element."

Confused, Somasti said, "Yes, my lady..."

Novalis continued. "I need you to come to my tether in San Francisco. I know you are not fond of the city, but there is something very important and increasingly urgent that I need you to work with some others to find out. Do you know of Rhoda?"

"The Ofanite? I have heard of her."

"I will be putting her in charge of a group of angels, including others from Protection, Animals, and even Ligtening."

"Lightening?" Somasti asked. It was very rare for Servitors of Flowers to work with Lightening, and Somasti herself had had very little interaction with Jean's servitors.

Nodding, Novalis continued. "The time has come for us to seek out Eli, and to offer him our loving help. Dominic is going to be redoubling his efforts to bring the Archangel of Creation in for a trial. His friends among the host want to help him avoid suffering needlessly."

"Oh!" Somasti said, starting to realize the magnitude of the task she was being assigned to.

Smiling, Novalis said, "Have faith in yourself. This is important, but you and the others you will be working with are up to it. I will see you in three days in San Francisco, yes?"

"Yes, my Lady!" Somasti said. She turned to look at the canyon briefly. When she turned back, Novalis was gone.
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