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Default [IC] In Nomine -- The Redemption of Eli

This is the in-character thread for my intended-to-start In Nomine PbP game "The Redemption of Eli."

This game is now full. I don't need any more PCs. The game is in progress... see below!

The game's website is:

Feel free to browse my general In Nomine site. In particuar, your characters may know some of the information about various cities described under Settings; you can decide what your character would know, given the background. As this and my other IN campaign progresses, I'll be adding more setting info to the website. My general IN site is:

The PCs are:
  • Rhoda, Ofanite of Flowers -- Rocket Man
  • Somasti, Mercurian of Flowers -- ladyarcana55
  • Nechama, Mercurian of Protection -- Andygal
  • Jedidah-Bezek, Mercurian of Lightning in service to Networks -- DAlillama
  • Heb Rhoneniel, Seraph of Animals -- Acolyte

Here is the OOC thread for the game :

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