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Default Turning Undead

As I have not found any RAW on undead turning, here's what I am proposing for my campaign:

Turning works as the Avert spell (p. 18), with the associated ST cost but the spell is not needed.

Priest (p. 38) or Theologian (p. 44) talent is required.

Turner can take either the Disbelieve or Cast Spell action (i.e. only move/shift one 1 hex).

Roll 3/IQ. Success: turns undead equal to the Margin of Success with rolling his/her IQ exactly turning 1 undead; turnerís choice. Theologians double the number turned.

A roll 3 or 4: triple or double the number turned. Critical failure: all undead focus their attacks on the turner.

Affects all undead in the casterís surrounding megahexes. Theologian doubles the Area of Effect.

Only undead with any IQ at all gets a chance to save: 3/IQ to resist a priest's or 4/IQ a theologian's turning. Critical failure: the undead disintegrates.

As always, thoughts?
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