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Default Re: Whats a Munchkin?

An imperfect rule set allows for munckinism For instance under one rule set you might have 2 players blocking a 10-foot wide hallway while a hundred orcs are proceeding down the hall 2 abrest so that only two can attack the PCs at a single time. The players have plenty of hit points and healing potions so they just calmly stand side-by-side and kill tow orcs at a time. The orcs in the back can't fire their crossbows at the PCs since the ceiling is low and their are orcs in front standing in the way, by the time they get a clear line of sight shot at them with their crossbows, they are in the front row and the PCs just chop thier heads off with their swords. Eventually the PCs kill all 100 orcs and gather their treasure together in one huge pile.

Is that munchkinism?
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