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Default Re: Whats a Munchkin?

I have to strongly disagree with all the definitions regarding power level and PC optimization. Munchkinism has to do with respect and fun. The RPGnet definition is faulty too, I would play a Ninja in a Risus Victorian game, and using the inappropriate cliché rules would be entertaining for all.

Whs got it almost right, as far as I am concerned. From a post of mine in Power-gamers, Munchkins and Min-maxers: What's the difference or is there one?

- Power Gamers like high point levels.

- Min-maxers optimize choices.

- Munchkins exploit weaknesses in the rules.

Only the last one is inherently bad: by "exploiting weaknesses", I mean twisting the rules beyond their intended scope to the detriment of other players -- including the GM.
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