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Default GURPS Character Assistant 4 Did Something Weird

I had posted this in the GURPS forum at, but by Daigoro's suggestion copied it here.

I had something very weird happen with GURPS Character Assistant 4. Maybe someone can figure this out.

I had an Old character (O) saved, and made up a New one (N). A few days later, I called up O, and noticed that the character's point total was way off. I checked, and learned that the advantages of N somehow got added to O as well. I might have thought I had just made a mistake, but it was more than a few advantages: Over two dozen clerical spells that N had were now also on O's sheet (O had no spells previously), and a few of these I had just created for N using the New Spell (Clerical) function. In addition the quirks I made for N were also on O's sheet (some of these quirks I created using the New Quirk function).

On top of all this, the skills of character N were added to character O. Where they both had the same skills, the points spend on O's sheet were either changed to be the same as on character N's sheet, or they were added twice--for example, character O ended up with both Broadsword 1 pt. and Broadsword 4 pts. (a variation on this happened with Shield (Shield) and with Teaching.) I admit I am sometimes a bit absent minded, but even I'm not absent minded enough to have done all that without noticing. Frankly some of it I don't even know how to do.

And in case anyone's thinking "virus" or the like, I have industry standard protection, just ran a scan that found nothing more than one low risk cookie which was removed, and updated my virus definitions 11 seconds before I scanned.
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