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Default Re: [supers] Tactile Telekinesis?

Originally Posted by DeathDaisy View Post
First, I'll concur with the others and say that it's usually mostly down to genre convention.
I agree, it usually is. When there are some characters for whom it works one way, and others for whom it works another, though, it isn't.

Originally Posted by DeathDaisy View Post
However, if you want something to mechanically let you do it in a universe where that sort of thing is frowned upon by the forces of nature, I think I'd go with Area Effect. It essentially gives the TK "infinite hands" which would let you spread the load across the entire base of the building or whatever. It could get amazingly expensive tho.

Or Cosmic, I haven't done the math, but it might get cheaper, especially if you can get away with just the 50% version.
Except nobody was buying TK in the first place, but rather ST. In which case, a +50% Cosmic 'Four Color Physics' should work just fine, but may be excessive. Probably in most cases it's just a handful of Rules Exemption Perks.
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