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Default Re: [supers] Tactile Telekinesis?

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
I tend to use tactile telekinesis as an explanation for Super ST in campaigns where the dials are more action-adventure than four-color - think X-Men (2000) or the MCU rather than Superman (1978).

For some characters - the clone Superboy (Kon-El/Connor Kent), introduced after they killed off Superman - their powers are explicitly this. Other characters may or may not have it as an explanation, but when the dials are turned down from four-color, it's more likely.

However, just because a character has unconscious tactile telekinesis to pull off otherwise impossible lifting and carrying stunts does not necessarily make them a full-fledged telekinetic, though admittedly the potential is there. It all depends on how the player wants to progress with it. Superboy at one point used his tactile telekinesis to blow stuff up. :) Superman, however, when they moved away from the psychokinesis angle never did develop any new stunts.

Thing is, I don't recall any feats of physical ST in the X-Men movies where you *need* tactile telekinesis as an explanation of why things don't fall apart when someone lifts them. In the MCU, it's debatable, since there are a few instances of characters like Thor and Luke Cage ignoring issues of leverage and relative mass. For the old Christopher Reeve Superman movies, it works quite well as an explanation, but it's only *needed* as an explanation if you don't suppose that's simply how things work in that universe.
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