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A player came to me with a concept - she wants her character (who has a few powers, and also casts spells) to be "undistractable". Game mechanically, normally when you take a Concentrate maneuver, if
Originally Posted by p. B366
you are forced to use an active defense, knocked down, injured, or otherwise distracted before you finish, you must make a Will-3 roll.
She wants to succeed automatically at these rolls. Note that this only really comes up for activities that require multiple consecutive Concentrate maneuvers.

Any ways this could be a problem? I'm thinking of treating this as a Resistant / Immunity thing. Not sure how to class "distractions that break Concentrate maneuver chains" though. Is it Very Common, or Common? I can't imagine calling it less than Common.


Also, is "undistractable" the right word? Or "indistractable"? Or what?

On the flip side, what would a greater Susceptibility to distractions breaking Concentrate be worth as a disadvantage?
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