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Default Re: Bestowing Personality-based Powers

Originally Posted by Coinage View Post
Okay, updating:

-Affliction, Advantage 1 [10 / lvl = 10] (B35)

--Advantage, 500 points [+10% per point the advantage is worth, + 5000% = 500] (B36)
--Permanent, cannot be removed [300% + 30] (B104)

--Accessibility: Advantages given are limited to be in response to pre-existing Mental and/or Physical Disadvantages [-50% = -5] (PU8, p. 4)
--Accessibility: Only once a year [-60% =-6] (PU8, p. 4)
Sum: 529

--Wild Card: "Can bestow any power, but the powers are ultimately unpredictable and based on the recipient’s present circumstances, past background, worries about the future, personality, and other factors. Also, a person only be empowered once.” [x4] (S41)
Total: 2116

How does that sound?
Let me recommend phrasing the accessibility as dependant on the subject's traits rather than specifically their disadvantages, which opens the door to enhance things they are already good at in their existing nature, which is as much a trope in the nature of acquired powers as disadvantage based ones are.

Also, if you are only able to access this power annually, the discount should be greater than -60%. I might just price it as a character point powered ability, or take some Destiny (only to power CP powered abilities) and set it to BE a cp powered ability for 1/5th cost.
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