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Default Re: crashes on program exit

Sorry I didn't reply here sooner. I did some research on this, and there is a known issue related to my development environment and a compatability issue with a DLL. The details aren't too important, really, since there's not much you can do about it. What it boils down to is, in the next update, I've implemented a code "fix" that may stop this from happening for you, if the problem you're having is this one. The fact that it happens for you every time is pretty good evidence that this fix will help.

Just in case, however, I've also tried adding some additional shut-down/clean-up code to explicitly close some things that should normally be closed automatically. That may also help. We'll have to see when the next update goes up (which won't be for a while yet, I'm afraid).

But, hopefully, one way or another, we can kill this issue.

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