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Default Re: Armor modified for SM?

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Why were recalculating weight every session?
Indeed. Setting aside the question of whether DFRPG should or shouldn't have adjusted armor weight for SM, the adjustment would be a one-time thing, no different from DFRPG's adjustments for quality or materials.

FWIW, I'm of the idea that DFRPG definitely should adjust armor weight for size, just because it makes sense... except that changing size/cost alone also makes it awfully easy to give every halfling DR 7+. Which may be nicely realistic (?), but turning every wee PC into a tank just feels odd, and I wouldn't blame DFRPG for intentionally wanting to avoid that effect.

So why not just do as DF suggests, scaling weight/cost while also automatically reducing DR for scaled-down armor?

Hmm... Maybe DFRPG does do that, in a simpler way. It reduces the weight and cost of halfling armor... but then tacks that cost and weight right back on, to counteract the automatic DR penalty. All without asking pesky questions about how the numbers should really work out.

If that's the intent, it's arguably a nice sly way to keep things simple. : )
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