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Default Re: Does DFRPG more and more resemble a super hero game to you

Originally Posted by lachimba View Post
But sometimes I look at DFRPG and it looks like a super hero game skinned with Dungeon Fantasy.
Well, my first reaction is that it can't be because I enjoy Dungeon Fantasy and I'm not interested in superheroes at all. :)

My second is that I've actually played a superhero game skinned with dungeon fantasy. It's called "D&D 3e Epic Level Handbook." And no, DFRPG doesn't begin to get anywhere near that.

To give you perspective as to what happens in epic-level D&D games, I played a druid/ranger somewhere around 35th level. Combat was often me wild shaping into a silver dragon and having others fight flying demons while on top of me. Any of us could and did take hundreds of hit points of damage in a single round, dropping us to negatives, only to have the cleric heal us up to near-full hit points before our next turn. And there was the one time I just hit a couple of storming beasties with reverse gravity to avoid wasting any precious resources on them. (I don't remember what they were but they looked like big metallic badgers. A quick check of the SRD suggests that they might have been sirrushes, but I don't have my book handy to check.)
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