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Default Rapier wit, bard songs, and animal empathy

Trying to get some interaction clarifications:

Bard song song of humiliation will not work on anything of IQ < 6.

Intimidation works on basically anything (barring Unfazeable)

Rapier wit is controlled by Intimidation rather than by song of humiliation:

1. Does Rapier Wit work on animals (Things with IQ < 6)?


Animal empathy specifically calls out using intimidation on animals as long as you got the 'will hold long enough for you to make an influence roll' result

2. Does rapier wit work on animals along with animal empathy?


Song of the wild allows you to talk to animals, song of command allows you to command anything that can understand what you are saying:

3. If you have both song of command and song of the wild can you use bard songs to command animals
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