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Default Re: Planet Destroyers

Originally Posted by wise_owl
Gotta agree with you there unless your game is all about Planet-Destroying conflicts, most of the time if my players asked "How much damage is that weapon doing", my answer would be "Enough....".
Originally Posted by Toubrouk
I believe that "Planet-Destroyers" weapons are plot devices. They work when they need to work and they fails when they need to fail. Simple.
As I said, it may not be necessary, but it is trivial to figure out. However sometimes it can matter, if sheilds exist that can sometimes stop it or when it's used to attack something other than the size and type of planet it was meant to. Compared to Akahige's pre-titanic primordial entities this is trivial.
Originally Posted by wise_owl
A Single weapon capable of destroying a planet in a single shot would be prohbitively expensive, your probably looking at Trillions of Dice of Damage with a significant Armour Piercing ability(I mean what's a planets DR)...
Depends on the planet, the Earth should have about DR 25,000,000, a gas giant will have less (but be Diffuse).
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