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Default Re: Planet Destroyers

Originally Posted by sir_pudding
From more powers excerpts

The post that started this tangent wasn't Star Wars specific but referencing planet destroying in general. In some settings starship sheilds may stop an attack that can destroy a planet.
What is the largest mass that it can destroy? Does it do any damage to a Gas Giant? This is GURPS, and the way we determine that is by it's dice of damage. In GURPS this is the sheild's DR. In order to know what the DR needs to be, we need to know how much damage the attack does.

I am not saying that this is really necessary, but it is trivial to figure out.
Funny thing... shortly after my last post, I was reading West End's "Dark Empire" sourcebook, and it talks of Planetary Shields, some that were developed AFTER the Death Star that are able to stop the death star from blowing up the planet, but if any damage penetrates, it probably fries the atmosphere off anyway... and that planets have a 10-20D die code, death star scale :)

So, it does matter and they DO state the damage in Dark Empire of the Death Star's damage (being essentially 20D, death star scale), just IMO when you have a 'plot device' you don't need to figure out the damage. You can't fight the death star. You must circumvent it, like they did for plot. :)

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