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Default Re: Skills for operating a TL9 ballistic missile submarine

Originally Posted by AmesJainchill View Post
I'd roll them into Guided Missile specialty. I wouldn't expect any major difference between the skills that couldn't be fixed by a few hours with the weapon's manual.
That's fair, I think, particularly as it's an Action campaign. Yay, two of my PCs now know how to fire nuclear missiles. :-)

Unless the sub has some kind of mini-sub or provisions for carrying UDT divers (or something weird like that), I think you've got everything.
Well, actually it does have the latter - the British Bellerophon class was designed with an eye to the SSGN rebuilds of the Ohio class, as something that would have a use other than pure nuclear warfighting, so the Trident D5 tubes are set up also to be able to carry other things - diver tow vehicles, UUVs, multiple smaller missiles, and so on. But this particular one doesn't have any of those on board. has the whole campaign log so far.
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