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Default Re: Why dose my party struggle with basic thugs but not boss monsters?

Originally Posted by Shuckster View Post
Has anyone else had this experience? You throw all sorts of stuff at your players, killer robots, werewolves, swarms of piranha men, krakens, aliens and zombies yet they come through all those encounters unscathed, but then a standard goon with a club or a knife just utterly wrecks them.

Ive had this happen a lot, like bigger bad-er enemies with more power aren't a big deal but one dagger wielding cultist manages to kill somebody, and a couple henchmen with batons puts the whole party in the hospital.

Why is this? They're just standard "Mooks" with a primary weapon skill no higher than 12 yet they do more damage to the party than huge monsters in so many of my games even when they arent aloud anything more powerful than a knife or a stick for weapons and have no armor.

I'm not sure if my players just automatically assume normal humans are less of a threat and just act carelessly, or if there's an element to how the antagonists are designed that I'm missing
Put simply, because GURPS combat is swingy and there are more of them. Boss attacks once (usually), the mooks collectively attack multiple times allowing for more opportunities to crit or for the PCs to fail their active defenses.
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