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Default Re: Critical success/failure table, p 9

Problem is that the harder a task is the less the character's attributes and talents matter. At higher levels of difficulty it's just random chance.

BTW: If you must succeed and have a zero stat then add difficulty to the task so you can roll more dice.
2-dice auto succ: 2.78%
3-dice 4.63%
4-dice 5.40%
5-dice 5.88%
6-dice 6.08%
7-dice 6.12%
8-dice 6.07%

So increasing the task from a 2-die roll to a 6-die roll more than doubles your chance of success.

Or a more practical example:
Grumpy the 2nd
ST 11 DX 6(1) IQ 15
Quarter-staff(1d+2/1d) Plate armor(5)
Staff I-IV, but no quarterstaff talent

Not having the weapons talent increases his chance of hitting and he's immune to critical failures.

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