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Default Re: Keeping humans relevant in the shadow of TL10 AI.

Originally Posted by rkbrown419 View Post
Truly volitional AI aren't inevitable they're just what some people think might happen with enough processing power.
This is sort of beside the point of the thread. I want to run with the assumptions of TL10 Ultra-Tech, even though many of them (100 lb. fusion generators, laser weapons competitive against kinetics) are debatable.

If you assume all AI have the Automaton meta-trait they go from being super smart beings that overshadow the humans to extremely effective tools of the humans.
This is true to some extent, but it's not the whole story. If having to have Slave Mentality is the main limitation on AI, you end up with all work (and warfare etc.) being done by small numbers of humans commanding much larger numbers of AIs. Which has further weird effects, for example, for PCs in an RPG what AIs they command will be more important than most of the traits on their character sheet. I'm interested in talking about how to avoid that. Assuming most if not all AIs have the Automaton trait certainly helps with that, but it doesn't get you all the way there.
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