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Default how to price a self-Affliction disadvantage?

So let's say I want a character who suffers an affliction upon contact with something. this isn't Revulsion, because that gives a static penalty, and this could be anything from the Affliction list.
For example, a vampire who suffers Agony when he touches a cross doesn't have Revulsion, because that causes a static penalty, and this vampire specifically suffers the Agony affliction. Likewise, in the Ramayana when Ravana the demon king kidnaps the maiden Sita, he has to do it by ripping up and carrying away the ground she's standing on, because if he touches a woman without her consent, he'll drop dead that instant. This would be Heart Attack Affliction upon contact with Unconsenting Women.
Theoretically, since both of these Disadvantages would have the same mechanical structure [affliction x upon contact with y], it should be possible to price a disadvantage for this. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how. could someone give me some guidelines or ideas on how to do this? please bear in mind I am very much a n00b at GURPS.
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