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Originally Posted by Aleph View Post
One thing to keep in mind with all the Live Play games being popular right now is that the big one (Critical Role) and quite a few of the others, aren't just people playing the game. The people playing are seasoned actors as well. ...These are productions designed to entertain, and more goes into that than just getting streaming set up.
I think these are very good points. GURPS can't hope to compete online with D&D. Something as slick and popular as Critical Role isn't on the cards. Having said that that, much less impressive productions are also much easier. If you can get all the players in on a Zoom session, that's pretty much all you need. Fans could do it (and some have, bless 'em). And if SJG is looking to put on demo games anyway, it might be good to have some available online.

I recognize that I'm speculating. I have zero experience in the game industry.
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