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Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
If you use the Melee rules (100 XP per point, no matter what your stat total is) you will be in a radically different place from anyone playing ITL as written. That's fine, but will naturally lead to much higher stat totals and probably no one will add talents or spells after the start of play, nor will they invest in staff mana - none of those things are worth the investment if you could instead have several stat points.
Keep in mind that playing by the Melee/Wizard rules from 1977 to 1981 (before ITL came along) there were no talents to add because they hadn't been invented yet, and no staff mana to be earned until the much more recent Legacy edition.

Originally Posted by Peter von Kleinsmid View Post
Yes, the Melee/Wizard experience costs for raising attributes are a flat 100 XP per point, which will get characters to higher levels much faster... in terms of XP...

However, XP in Melee/Wizard is earned for serious combat, where figures are pretty likely to die. Perhaps only a fraction of the figures that do what it takes to get each 100 Melee XP will survive.

Melee/Wizard also limits attribute gains to 8 total points.
Hahaha... yes, my original group (5 players) played what you'd term "combat heavy" adventures for the entire 4 years between the original publications of Melee and ITL. We still had quite a bit of role-playing though as well (we played in 8 hour sessions) we just didn't award very many XP for it -- role-playing was its own reward. There were PC deaths all the time, and none ever got near to becoming 40 point characters even though 800 XP was all that was needed then. 37 points was as far as anyone lived to have.

Even with the "head start" those characters had in those 4 years, once we adopted the ITL rules they pretty much stopped advancing. A couple made it to 40 points eventually, but those 3 additional attribute points took another 14 years of play. For that reason I always considered the ITL rules for XP much to strict.
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