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I bet in the Car Wars universe some lucky son or daughter will inherit the Superflash from their father. Give me some background - why was it created? Is it a courier or an arena fighter? Does the person who drives it have a family?
A little role play goes a long way! :-)
Well, the _VG1_ _Superflash_ was designed for the now-defunct "Unlimited" class. With no fewer than three lasers (plus Cyberlinks!), and embarrassingly-weak armor, it was a "let's get this over with" design. It was defeated by an unspecified design with somewhat less firepower, but *much* better armor (for my part: I'm picturing an upgraded _Chameleon_, or similar two-seater).

6-ed. mechanics seem to lend itself to the "sledgehammer on eggshell" ethos.
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